Clinics, Specials & Events


Vaccines! Make an appointment or walk in call ahead for wait time 951-677-7811

DENTAL CARE Comprehensive Dental Specials

Comprehensive Dental Care $299 Dogs & $229 Cats Includes IV Catheter, IV Fluids & Blood Work

SPAY AND NEUTER Comprehensive & Safe

Includes an Antibiotic Injection, Pain Injection, Pain Meds to go Home & Nail Trim call today 951-677-7811

BOARDING SPECIALS Boarding Menus & Xtras

Indoor climate controlled & size appropriate suites. Feline friendly, cats are housed separately 951-677-7811

GROOMING AND BATHING Grooming & Bathing Xtras

Grooming & Bathing Specials. Feline friends too. Menu items include medicated baths, haircuts, xtras

MONTHLY SPECIALS Deal of the Month

We appreciate our clients & we want to thank you. Please visit our page regularly to see what's happening

LOCAL EVENTS Adoptions, Drives, Walks....

Local events such as adoptions, drives, walks etc... We want to be involved & involve our community

FELINE FRIENDS Cat Community Specials

Monthly Feline Specials cats need to be protected & pampered the same as dogs. 951-677-7811

FELINE FRIDAY Feline Friends ~ Feline Fridays

Every Friday is dedicated to all kitties and cats. Bring them in for our specials discounts!

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